Dr. med. Roland Schubert

Specialist in Dermatovenerology Phlebology, Allergology, Drug Therapy Occupational Dermatology (ABD)

Study of human medicine at the University of Frankfurt

1999 – State examination and doctorate to Dr. med.

Research year at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

1/2002 – Approbation at the University Hospital in Ulm. Remained until 2004 training as a skin specialist

2005/2006 – Functional senior physician, respectively senior physician, with a focus on operative dermatology and dermato-oncology.

2006 to 8/2008 – Further training as a phlebologist (venous specialist) at one of the largest venous specialist clinics in Germany, the Mosel-Eifel-Klinik, Bad Bertrich (head physician: Dr. N. Frings)

9/2008 – Moved to senior physician at the Artemedklinik Munich, specialist clinic for venous diseases (head physician: Dr. M. Broermann); here Head of Department Endoluminal Therapy (Radiowave Procedure)

Since 1.9.2010 at the clinic at Siegestor, Munich

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