Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetics mean something different to everyone: "The wrinkle is bothersome – The wrinkle is not bothersome – Botox is a snake venom, it will not be used my face!"

We answer your questions in a quiet atmosphere and try to resolve concerns.

Our experience helps to give you realistic ideas.

It is very efficient and elegant to compensate for small depressions and wrinkles in order to achieve an optical rejuvenation.

We only use resorbable and biocompatible fillers from different manufacturers.

Since the introduction of hyaluronic acids with integrated anesthetic, the "injection" is very well tolerated even in sensitive areas such as the lip. The additional use of a modern analgesic gel makes the procedure painless.

To smooth facial lines, we use botulinum toxin A (for example: forehead, frown lines, crow's feet, mouth wrinkles).

Before the treatment, we prepare a therapy concept adapted to your needs. This also includes other rejuvenation therapies, such as flashing lamp (IPL), CO2 Fraxel, mesotherapy, peeling, photodynamic therapy, etc.

The interventions are carried out only by specialists who have many years of experience.

Dr. Kessler has more than 20 years of experience with thousands of patients handling fillers and botulinum toxin. In addition, we cooperate with plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists.

The operations can also be done in our clinic.

Laser hair removal

We have the most modern and powerful diode laser, the Vectus system from Palomar.

Features of Diode Laser Vectus:

  • Fast treatments due to a high repetition rate up to 3 Hz
  • Extensive treatment area (23 x 38 mm) for particularly fast treatments
  • Second treatment area (12 x 12 mm) for more precise treatments
  • Uniform laser beam without "hot spots" for greater ease of treatment
  • Advanced Contact CoolingSM for increased customer comfort
  • SkintelTM Melanin measuring device for the quantitative determination of the average melanin density of the skin in the treatment area.

You can read more about the laser on the Palomar Vectus homepage.

The laser light is able to penetrate the epidermis and develop its effect on the hair root. After just a few sessions, you notice a distinct decrease in hair regrowth. Hair in the armpit, bikini, and beard area are particularly suitable.

If you find laser hair removal uncomfortable, we will provide you with an anesthetic cream and additional air cooling that you can control.

For the above-mentioned areas, we recommend about five to seven sessions at intervals of approximately four weeks. Individual sessions may be necessary in the years following.

The cost per session is from € 200 for the bikini line, from € 120 for the underarms and from € 100 for the face.

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