Operative Dermatology 

Operative dermatology is the focus of our clinic.

You will only be operated on by experienced specialists according to the guidelines of the specialist societies with the support of specially trained surgical assistants.

A relaxed atmosphere and an elegant elimination of pain using mini needles and special local anesthetics is most important to us.

All surgical interventions in twilight sleep or under general anesthesia with the help of anesthesiologist are possible upon request.

The interventions are mostly outpatient. We offer you the possibility to stay in our clinic bed for a few hours or overnight after major surgery.

With round-the-clock monitoring by our experienced nurses, you can relax and have your meal brought to bed. The surgeon is on 24-hour call.

Moles (Nevus)

Conspicuous moles are excised and sent to a renowned laboratory for histologic examination. The excision of conspicuous birthmarks is covered by all insurances. On request, we can offer modern suture techniques (e.g.: subcutaneous, intracutaneous, butterfly sutures) and skin closures with acrylic adhesives. We also operate on problem areas on the eyelids, tip of the nose, lips, etc., after a detailed clarification and consideration, taking into account other treatment options (such as lasers). On request, all operations can be done in twilight sleep. We also arrange special appointments with you in consultation with the anesthesiologist.

Basal Cell Carcinom

Basalioma (basal cell carcinoma or white skin cancer) is the most common human cancer ever. It is a sun-related tumor, that especially grows in exposed areas. Although it can not give rise to metastases, it continuously grows destructively in the surrounding area. Most of the time it starts as a small "pimple" or palpable nodule, which sometimes becomes encrusted, then heals again and can bleed again later. The sooner the excision is done, the smaller the operation. After taking a sample for classification of the basalioma and confirmation of the suspected diagnosis, the ambulatory excision is performed under local anesthesia or, if desired, under anesthetic / twilight sleep. For larger tumors, you can stay in our clinic bed.


Essential in the treatment of malignant black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) is the early detection and immediate excision. The aim is to detect so-called precursor lesions (atypical, dysplastic pigment markers) or superficial melanomas and to have them excised and examined in a histological examination. We carry out the follow-up examinations ourselves, including lymph node sonography. For complex interdisciplinary issues, we work closely with the Munich Dermatology Clinic.

Actinic Keratosis

Very often we find so-called actinic keratoses in exposed areas (face, back of the hand). These are slightly red and partly scaly skin lesions that can degenerate within years when left untreated. There are several options for treating actinic keratosis and other precancerous conditions:

  • Cryotherapy: icing with liquid nitrogen
  • Laser ablation
  • Photodynamic therapy: surface exposure using a special cream
  • Cream therapy: There are 3 creams for treatment:
  1. Aldara (a local change in the immune behavior of the skin destroys the altered cells)
  2. Efudix (cytotoxin destroys the altered cells)
  3. Solaraze (causes the altered cells to die earlier than healthy cells)


Warts are an infectious viral disease that varies very individually. The therapy is wide-ranging:

  • Conservative procedures with icing, ablation, brushing, immunomodulating creams
  • Laser therapy in combined procedures
  • Red light irradiation (WIRA)

Frequently, only a combination of different procedures can help against very treatment-resistant warts.

Stem warts and age-related warts

Stem warts and age-related warts, which are itchy and cosmetically disturbing, are removed with the ErbYAG laser. The removal takes only a few seconds. After careful instruction by our staff and receiving a wound healing cream and sun blocker, you can leave our clinic with a small plaster. You can shower the same day and are not restricted in any way.

Age spots

Age spots usually arise in exposed areas and are essentially the same as freckles. The spots are first inspected with the reflected-light microscope to determine if they are suitable for IPL / laser therapy. Depending on the type of age spot, we use different lasers either for ablation or to lighten the spot. Depigmenting creams can complete the process.


Xanthelasmata are yellowish flat plaques and nodules around the eyelids. These are fat deposits in the skin, which can be easily removed with a laser. After laser therapy, the daily application of a nourishing ointment is sufficient.

Treatment room with state-of-the-art equipment

Haemangioma (Angiomas) / Red birthmarks

Haemangioma can be present at birth and increase in size during the first months of life. Another type of haemangioma appears as multiple small red spots or nodules until adulthood.

The small age-related haemangioma are tastefully and painlessly removed with the diode laser. Neonatal haemangioma, taking into account the localization and growth tendency, are treated with the diode or NdYAG laser while cooling the skin. It does not immediately lead to a complete removal of the red nodule, but the fibrosis (fading through connective tissue cells) is stimulated. It requires several sessions. Superficial red birthmarks are obliterated with the flashing lamp.


The appearance of a scar is the product of the skill of the surgeon, the individual disposition of the patient, localization, and postoperative wound healing disorders. Since the skill of the surgeon is only one factor, scar therapy should be very cautious. For scar therapy, we offer:

  • Special gel bases
  • Cryotherapy
  • Injections
  • Laser therapy for ablation and reduction of blood supply
  • Scar removal, punch-biopsy (“punch-elevation”), plastic reconstructions
  • CO2 Fraxel laser for flattening the scars

Excessive sweating

Publication from Dr. med. Kessler in the Ästhetic Tribune July, 2005:

Subcutaneous curettage solves the problem

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