General dermatology

Due to the size of the skin organ, the individuality, the color of the skin, and the psychosomatic influence, we deal daily with a variety of skin alterations.

Only through experience and consistent further education can we reliably diagnose and treat your skin changes.

Some common diseases are briefly presented below.


Acne is an inflammatory disease in the area of the sebaceous glands with formation of blackheads, red nodules, and pustules (so-called pimples). Mainly affected are the face, chest, and back. Unfortunately, the disease is not only limited to adolescents, but also affects adults and children.

We offer you a skin analysis and decide with you whether a local therapy is sufficient or a medicamental therapy is indicated. We can offer you a professional cleaning in our integrated beauty salon. Additional procedures, such as exfoliation, photodynamic therapy, or flashing lamp will be discussed with you.


Rosacea mainly affects male adults and shows redness of the cheeks, enlarged sebaceous glands, nodules and pustules on the nose, forehead, and possibly chin. The treatment consists of creams, special care products, possibly tablets. In addition, the flashing lamp and various lasers can atrophy the dilated vessels.


Neurodermitis is a very common and debilitating disease, especially for children. In addition to conventional medical treatment, we offer you a holistic therapy with a homeopathic focus and instructions for proper care and nutritional behavior.


The diagnosis is paramount. The goal is to uncover the cause. This can be very diverse: contact allergies, mite allergies, fungal skin diseases, disorders in the body such as chronic infections of the tonsils, stress, etc. Only by an accurate consultation and meaningful diagnostics, can the cause be detected and usually corrected.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can occur on the entire body including the nails, hair, and mucous membranes. After cultural diagnostics, the patient can be treated selectively, either locally or systemically, with tablets. We take the fear that many patients have of a tablet therapy for a fungal nail disease seriously, and try to detect possible damage to the liver by taking blood samples at an early stage.

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