Allergies and Eczema

We competently and individually take care of patients with allergies and eczema. For this purpose, we carry out a series of allergological examinations such as prick, rest, and epicutaneous tests.


Hyposensitization is a so-called "allergy vaccine" that is used to vaccinate exactly those substances that patients are allergic to.

The form of administration is either by injections into the upper arm once a month or a tablet / liquid is applied by the patient once a day under the tongue (so-called sublingual therapy).

The entire treatment takes over three years and allows the immune system to "get used to” the allergen.

Hyposensitization is currently the only causal and curative treatment for allergy. This has been scientifically proven in several studies. We treat against insect venom (bee and wasp venom), against aeroallergens (like birch, grasses, mugwort), against house dust mites and much more.

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