Skin Cancer Prevention

All physicians of our clinic in Munich have extensive experience in the diagnosis of pigmented (moles, melanomas) and non-pigmented (basaliomas) skin lesions.

Skin is the largest human organ covering a surface of 1.5 to 2 square meters. Skin cancer screening is of particular importance because the rate of skin cancer is constantly increasing and is usually curable if diagnosed early.

If desired, the examination can be performed with a dermatoscope (10x magnification with polarized light). If pigment marks are noticeable, they can be digitally zoomed up to 100x and documented.

In check-ups, we can discuss changes with you through the preliminary sessions. This method is, according to the current doctrine, the most efficient for the dynamic detection of pigment marks.

In addition, the software (text was removed here) offers us an evaluation of pigment marks.

The amount of time between the examination intervals will be discussed with you after the examination, depending on the risk profile. We offer a recall service to remind you of the next appointment in a timely manner.

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