Laser medicine

The different lasers of the dermatological clinic in Munich complement the operative dermatology in an impressively elegant and simple manner. But only the experienced user knows the limits of technology and, therefore, uses them only for certain indications. Our laser users are all experienced and certified.

We have: 

  • Erbium-YAG laser: cold-removal of unwanted skin changes (tissue-friendly)
  • CO2 laser: hot-removal of unwanted skin changes (bloodless)
  • Diode 940nm: obliteration of haemangioma and small blood vessels, also intraluminal
  • CO2 Fraxel: flattening of scars (e.g.: after acne) and smoothing of fine wrinkles (e.g.: on cheeks and around the mouth)
  • Long pulse NdYAG: obliteration of larger veins
  • qs NdYAG: tattoo removal with 4 wavelengths l Vectus hair removal laser: the fastest and most effective depilatory laser (see Aesthetic Medicine)
Erbium YAG laser for the removal of benign skin lesions
CO2 Fraxel laser for the treatment of acne scars and fine wrinkles
  • New IPL Icon Fa. Palomar-Cynosure with various anti-aging modalities such as tightening of the skin with Fractional 1540nm head, couperose treatment and age spots » more
  • TattooStar Effect Combo: This removes tattoos of all colors, permanent make-up, and age spots with its different wavelengths and ultra-short flashes. Laser radiation penetrates the skin and breaks up the color pigments, which are then transported away from the lymphatic system and excreted. Likewise, benign pigmentation marks (e.g.: age spots on the back of the hand or on the face) can be removed. The melanin pigments in the skin absorb the energy, are destroyed, and then transported away via the natural pathway through the lymphatic system, or discharged via the skin.
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